Golden Reflections dance team hosts annual Valentine’s show


Kent State’s Golden Reflections dance squad performs during its 4th annual Valentine’s show in the Kiva on Thursday, Feb. 9, 2017. 

Quaylyn Hairston

With Valentine’s Day just several days away, Kent State’s Golden Reflections, an on-campus dance team known for its sexy performances, held its 4th Annual Valentine’s Day showcase Thursday night in the Kiva.

“Golden Reflections is diverse in race and dance. We focus on our passion for dance and performing for Kent State,” said Jasmine Beltran, a junior speech pathology and audiology major, as well as secretary of the group. “The showcase is something we’ve done for 4 years to show off our talent and get local artists recognized for theirs.”

Even though the event was hosted by the Golden Reflections, the dance team only performed twice during the showcase night. The show also featured rappers, singers and poets.

“It wasn’t just a dance, but the showcase had characters and a storyline to it,” said Taja’Rell Williams, a junior nursing major. “(The Golden Reflections team is) very talented and I can’t wait to see what talent next year brings.”

The ladies expressed their love and desire for dance while sharing their sultry moves and hair flips with the audience.  

While audience members enjoyed the poems shared, Elijah Houston, a poet from the showcase, was “thirsty for the listening ears.”

The host played games to keep the audience awake and live, such as a raffle and a question game for friends and couples to interact. DJ Ill Will also played music throughout the night.

“The DJ made it a carefree environment where everyone could just enjoy themselves,” said Maisha Smith, a junior political science major. “I see the Golden Reflections as a dance team (that) is more than just dance. They seem to have a very strong bond.”

Quaylyn Hairston is an entertainment reporter for the Kent Stater, contact her at [email protected].