A Mag’s Do’s and Don’ts: Aftermath of the election

Payton Moore

At 8 p.m. Tuesday night, you probably were comfortably in bed, refreshing CNN’s Twitter for updates, casually listening to election results coming in.

But this morning, a fog set over. People you passed on the walk to class were silent, hoods up, eyes to the ground. A palpable numbness weighed down the air. There’s a reality enfolding that we have the opportunity to combat with our best selves. Let A Mag guide you through dealing with the uncertainty of our future.

DO: Put down your phone. If there’s one thing we’re tired of seeing, it’s Facebook posts and tweets about what we’re all aware of. Need to talk things out? Meet up with your friends over coffee, or fro-yo. But save the posting for a journal entry, or join in on the post-election talk throughs hosted on campus. We know the importance of communication that’s open and honest is imperative – but staring at a phone screen, haphazardly scrolling through the madness can be saved for when it doesn’t feel like a death in the family.

DON’T: Call the day off … or the week off. You can’t stop doing homework, stop studying, or stop functioning as the hardworking, loving, industrious students we are. We have a higher purpose to reflect to the world we’re soon entering, and face it: You’re not moving to Canada. This isn’t a joke anymore. Take yourself seriously by planning your week out. Write down everything that needs to get done in your planner, make a grocery list and schedule that doctor’s appointment.

DO: Support. Your friends, your family and your community need your focused efforts more than ever. Thankfully, there are several organizations you can choose to support financially or even vocally, such as the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, Planned Parenthood, RAINN and the Black Lives Mater Movement. Want to get involved directly but don’t have money to spare? Volunteering at a local animal shelter (I’ll take 20 puppy hugs, please) and a hospital just feels right. We also recommend donating to local Habitat for Humanity centers and Salvation Army’s.

DON’T: Beat yourself up. It’s over – if you didn’t participate in this year’s election the way you thought you should have, it’s no longer worth dreading the past because we’re responsible for the future. Make yourself a note in your phone calendar for four years from now. Perhaps title said note, “Time to kick ass” or, “Girl Power!” Let this be a lesson for those who voted carelessly, or didn’t vote at all. As beautiful as it is living in a country like the U.S., the whole “democracy” thing only works if you do.

DO: Stress. There is not one set way we encourage you to do this, but we can say what our editorial staff is doing today to unwind: Payton Moore is baking pumpkin brownies and watching Ru Paul’s Drag Race. Morgan Neidbalski is indulging in a bottle of wine. Kendall Becker read her favorite magazines and sipped on tea in bed. Take care of yourself, Kent State, and spread love the way you want.