Psychic medium to come to The Kent Stage

Nathaniel Harvey

On Friday, The Kent Stage is hosting psychic-medium Kim Russo, who will do readings, interact with audiences and share some of her experiences as a psychic.

“We booked Kim Russo because there is an audience in the region,” said Tom Simpson, one of the owners of The Kent Stage. “Over the last five years we have had dozens of psychics, mediums, ghost hunters, spiritualist, palm readers, etc. at The Kent Stage.”

Simpson said the upcoming event is “an evening with a psychic-medium interacting with audiences, telling stories about her interactions with the numerous stars who appeared on ‘The Haunting Of …’ and a person who genuinely connects with her audience.”

Russo’s show first debuted in 2012. It features Russo’s paranormal experiences as she does psychic readings for celebrities and connects with those who have passed.

“We have been attempting to bring Kim Russo to The Kent Stage for a number of years,” Simpson said. “She is very popular within her audience and the star of Lifetime Network’s ‘The Haunting Of…’”

According to Russo’s website, she is known as “the happy medium,” and has been able to see and talk to spirits since she was only 9 years old. Russo said she is more comfortable talking to spirits than people who are alive.

The event starts at 8 p.m. and will be held at The Kent Stage. Tickets are still available for purchase. For more information on Russo and other upcoming events, go to

or contact The Kent Stage at (330) 677-5005.