Students find mixed bag in fashion guru internship


10/27/16 Fashion Merchandising major

Dominique Pishotti

Working as a style guru for College Fashionista has become a trend for a handful of girls on Kent State’s campus. Over 80 students are busy observing and writing about the latest fashion trends for a six-month internship with the company.

College Fashionista began in 2010, and has since exploded across college campuses, offering advice on style, beauty and lifestyle — for college students, by college students.

Katie Harless, a sophomore fashion merchandising major at Kent State, said getting an internship with the website is easy.

“College Fashionista is always looking for new style gurus,” Harless said. “Because of this the quality of journalism is not that great.”

Harless said many of the articles on the website talk mostly of similar fashion trends and are never written out of the box. Because of this, she said she doesn’t like working for the site because it takes away from the value of the experience.

Maya Efrat, a sophomore fashion design major, also writes as a guru for the website. Unlike Harless, Efrat loves working as a style guru and thinks it’s an excellent way to gain experience.

“Working for College Fashionista is a great resume booster,” Efrat said. “It gives me fashion related experience to put onto my resume for graduation.”

Efrat said she particularly likes writing for the website because it’s a way she can write about styles she personally loves and can inspire others as well.

Abby Bowen, a sophomore fashion merchandising major and another style guru, agreed with Efrat.

Bowen said she enjoys writing about the styles on Kent State’s campus, and believes that value can be found in the experience by standing out.

“Personal fashion sense is very important when writing for College Fashionista,” Bowen said. She said this is due to the amount of style gurus there are on campus.

While many students have swayed opinions on whether the value of this internship will benefit their resumes in the long run, one thing they can all agree on is the fun and freedom they have writing for the site.

Dominque Pishotti is the fashion reporter, contact her at [email protected].