Sex Week kicks off with talk about ‘The Big O’

Lauren Rathmell

Students packed the KIVA Monday for one of the first big events of Kent State’s Sex Week, hosted by Kent Interhall Council. An educational program, I <3 Female Orgasm was presented by Rachel Dart and Marshall Miller, who provided laughs while serving up facts about sex education.

The group has presented more than 800 programs in 42 states in the last 10 years.

“It’s a subject that lots of people don’t have a chance to laugh and talk about,” said Dart. “Sexuality isn’t just a fun subject…there are lots of reasons everyone needs good access to accurate information about our bodies. If we don’t have that information, how will we know if we have something like an STI, how will be know how to say ‘no’ to something we’re not interested in, or be able to say yes to safer sex?”

The duo made an otherwise taboo topic entertaining and informative. Students of all genders and sexual orientations were in attendance.

“We appreciate the diversity here tonight. There are women who want to learn more about their sexuality and members of all genders who want to learn more about women’s sexuality. There are people who are single, people who are in relationships, people who are married, people who are friends…friends with benefits,” said Miller. “There are people who are gay, lesbian, bisexual, queer, pansexual, asexual and people who are like ‘what do half those words even mean,’ we recognize this incredible diversity in this room.”

Miller also recognized that there may be people in the audience taking in the information and saving it for when they make the choice to be sexually active.

The hosts were sure to be inclusive in their presentation, recognizing that what makes someone a female may differ from person to person.

“We talk about people who identify as women, and people who are assigned female at birth,” said Dart. “Sometimes those categories overlap, sometimes they don’t.”

They also stressed the reality that everyone is different, and no person has the same body or preferences. Miller and Dart focused on consent while providing answers to age-old sexual myths on topics ranging from basic anatomy, to porn. 

“This is an important conversation to be having,” sophomore Visual Communication Design major Alice Leach said. “Women have been kind of shamed into thinking it’s not okay to be sexual beings, and this event is telling not only women that it’s okay, but also showing men how to be respectful.”

I <3 the Female Orgasm merchandise was also available to purchase outside the KIVA, with 25% of the proceeds going to the Breast Cancer Action fund.