BSR Buzz: Bumping Blues

Angelo Angel

Black Squirrel Radio music coordinator Angelo Angel provides a bluesy playlist to get you through your mid-semester study sessions.

Amy Winehouse – The Girl from Ipanema

With the great and late Amy Winehouse’s version of “The Girl from Ipanema”, she enthusiastically sings about a girl who catches her eye on the boardwalk, hoping for her to notice but never does. This track features an upbeat tune with Winehouse enthusiastically serenading the melody, perfect for anyone who’s a fan of the Sinatra era of music but feels like waltzing erratically to her scats and doo-wops.


Alabama Shakes – Guess Who

In Alabama Shakes “Guess Who”, the band features a steady but optimistic beat that is accompanied by lead singer and guitarist Brittany Howard who croons about finding love once again but not seeing “the sky as blue, as you do.” The song has a guitar riffs that keeps the listener in an upbeat mood with Howard’s voice acting as the climax for the song, introducing a violin excerpt near the end that effortlessly blends into the melody.



The Black Keys – Everlasting Light

In the Black Key’s “Everlasting Light” is a track that consist of the lead singer and sole guitarist Dan Auerbach whining soulfully to his gritty guitar riffs as well as to drummer Patrick Carney’s steady beat over the drums. The song synopsis is about convincing someone to follow their advances and trust them in being the one for them, to be “their everlasting light.” The song features the quintessential sound that has made the Black Keys the blue’s powerhouse band that they are but while having a rough but sauve upbeat sound.

A Black.jpg

Lana Del Rey – Brooklyn Baby

In Lana Del Rey’s “Brooklyn Baby”, the track offers a dreamy melody that is accompanied by a whimsical guitar riff that is serenaded by Lana’s voice. Lana croons about hipster cliches and about her boyfriend who’s “not as cool as me.” The track follows the influence of a blue sound while seeming reminiscent of songs from the 1960’s, such as The Mamas and Papas “California Dreaming.” Lana’s voice haunts over the track while the guitar effortlessly follows her voice every step of the way.

A Brooklyn.jpg

John Mayer – XO

In John Mayer’s cover of Beyonce’s “XO,” the track features an upbeat guitar melody that is accompanied by a whimsical harmonica as well as Mayer’s baritone voice. The song is about appreciating the loved one that’s always on your mind and you can find whenever you need them most, even as just another face in the crowd. Mayer’s cover of “XO” does the original version proud with him retaining the sentiment surrounding the song while transforming it into a bluegrass, folksy melody.

A XO.jpg