A Mag Do’s and Don’ts: Halloween


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Payton Moore

We’re really sorry to break it to you, but Halloween will never compare to the glory it held during your childhood. We know you knew exactly which house handed out full-size candy bars. We know you loved acting as evil as possible with the excuse, “It’s just my costume!”

But hey, college and Halloween go together like ambulance rides and Four Lokos. It’s not so bad, as long as you can manage your way around the nation’s classiest holiday without letting your actions haunt you for the rest of the year. Also, stop talking to that clown, girl.


Have a couple of costumes in mind. If you’re planning on heading out with the same costume you wore to work on Thursday, your friend’s place on Friday, and to Panini’s on Saturday, you’re losing the point. As college students, we pride ourselves in being resourceful – so have a couple of costume ideas ready in case your plans explode. Nobody likes seeing you as Little Red Riding Hood four times.

Be resourceful. If your friend does crazy-awesome makeup, ask them to transform you into a mermaid from hell. Or if your friend refuses to wear anything non-neon, spandex or glow in the dark — first off, send them our numbers because we want to be friends — but also ask to borrow pieces of their wardrobe for a Jazzercise outfit.

Make something delicious for Halloween day. The abundance of Halloween-inspired recipes is not only creepy, but super delicious and likely to increase your chances of winning the best costume award. We recommend something easy to transport, like pretzel rods dipped in chocolate with an almond sliver on one end to look like witches’ fingers.

Master fake blood. Because if all else fails, zombies are always in.


Spend a lot of money, for the love of God. Here’s how we can break it down for you: $25 for your skeleton leotard, $35 for your clip-in silver hair extensions, $55 for those knee-high leather boots you’re really only buying because it’s Halloween, $20 for the drinks at the bars (and cover! Yeah, Kent does that on Halloween). All of this bologna ends up totaling something you can figure out on your own because we’re not math majors. And holy ghost, we almost forgot the $3 Chipotle burritos. Yeah. Stop it. Save your money for Black Friday.

Forget about your surroundings. We’re encouraging you to have fun this Halloween, but don’t drink and drive, don’t drink and bike, don’t drink if you’re under 21 and don’t drink until you can’t tell if your friend showed up in a Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump costume.