A Mag’s Do’s and Don’ts of Homecoming

Payton Moore

There are larger issues in this world other than coordinating blue and gold — but not this week. It’s Homecoming! That means drinking too many Miller Lites your parents brought to the tailgate, something to do with Josh Cribbs and lots of Flash. No, not that kind of flash.

It’s hard to navigate the ins and outs of Homecoming. Let us guide you through the end zone (yeah, we know sports):


Plan for the weather. Kent is notorious for downpours during Homecoming — it’s looking like this year will be no different. The rain will not stop this school spirit, though. Decorate a cheap umbrella with friends in waterproof paint, and bring a warm drink to see all of Kent State’s clubs and sports teams. Don’t forget that rain poncho. There’s nothing sexier than a yellow rain poncho.

Take advantage of the activities besides the game. Kesha and PartyNextDoor play Thursday night at 7 p.m. in the M.A.C. Center, the Kent State Bookstore is hosting a Book Festival commemorating local authors from 3 to 7 p.m., on Friday, and Saturday morning is the Bowman Cup race starting at the Student Recreation and Wellnes Center at 8 a.m. Plan your schedule wisely and don’t miss out on what means the most to you.

Rock your blue and gold. Even if this is the only day in the entirety of your studies at Kent State, homecoming is the time to make it happen. Ladies: try layering a denim a-line skirt with a vintage Kent State sweatshirt. Add some gold jewelry and a yellow bandana tied around your neck. Flash tattoos are awesome for Homecoming, too. Fellas: grab a pair of overalls and a striped blue and gold boatneck tee. You’ll stand out from everyone in jeans and a Kent State tee. Own a varsity jacket? We’re jealous—wear it with pride.


Go too hard. We shouldn’t have to tell you this. If you’re old enough to indulge in an alcoholic beverage, don’t forget that Homecoming lasts all day. That means starting at 10 a.m. with a champagne beer bong doesn’t sound like a major win.

Skip out on the tailgate. Arrive early and with an appetite. This is Kent’s largest football game and if you’re not as obsessed with buffalo chicken dip and bacon mac and cheese as we are, you probably won’t understand the beauty of tailgate food. Craft something simple and delicious that’ll hold up for a few hours before the game (and maybe provides leftovers). We recommend slow cooking carnitas or smashing some avocados for your own guacamole.