Best of Kent: Best Retail Store

Workers Morgan Dodds and Krista Zolton greet customers at Figleaf Boutique in downtown Kent on Saturday, April 16, 2016.

First place – Figleaf Boutique

If you’re looking for something fun and flirty, Figleaf is the perfect way to go. Offering a nice selection of unique clothes, shoes and accessories, this boutique will never disappoint—whether you’re shopping for a fun night out or a sophisticated dinner.

For an easy shopping experience, the store is perfectly organized by color and sells clothes that are demanded during the season, which can be purchased in their stores, as well as online.

“I love it because it’s such a clean and well thought out boutique,” said Diatra Lanham, a junior communication studies major. “They only carry a size run of each style as far as I know, so it’s going to be very rare to run into someone wearing the same thing as you in the area. I love that it’s color-coordinated and everything is well-made and worth the price.”

Second place – UniversiTEES

UniversiTEES is the best store to purchase a school-spirited wardrobe. From all Kent State designs to athletic wear and fun and traditional designs, UniversiTEES has it all.

The store not only sells clothes in school colors, but there are also clothes in all colors, designs, symbols and sayings. You can even customize your favorite clothing article online, so it represents your personality as well.

“I like UniversiTEES because they have a big selection on school spirit wear that is comfortable and fashionable,” said Jasmine Samples, a senior fashion merchandising major.

Third place – Last Exit Books

Is your library collection looking slim or growing out of hand? Last Exit Books in an independent bookstore that buys and sells books, DVDs, CDs and records.

The bookstore is not only well-known in Kent, but it’s also a big deal in Ohio, according to Jason Merlene, the store manager.

“We’ve been here for quite a while, compared to the other stores around, so we have more of a history,” Merlene said. “We pull people from Akron, all over Ohio and even Pennsylvania. We’ve done very well.”

Last Exit Books has been open for 11 years and serves as a place to swap books, purchase ice drinks and delicious muffins and relax during its poetry reading hours.