Best of Kent: Best Sandwich Shop

Twisted Meltz manager Mike Canter holds out the sandwich shop’s signature “Julian Edelman” sandwich.

1st: Twisted Meltz

Situated on East Main Street in Acorn Alley, Twisted Meltz—family-owned and operated—offers up unique “twists” on grilled cheese as well as soups, salads appetizers and craft beers.

The business dishes up high-quality foods made with all-natural meats and cheeses, as well as gluten free and vegan-friendly options.

Customers can dine in or have their meals delivered.

2nd: Franklin Square Deli

Established in 1983, Franklin Square Deli—last year’s first place winner—sits on the corner of Water Street and Main Street in downtown Kent.

With a menu comprised of over 50 different types of sandwiches—Italian subs, traditional deli-style sandwiches, baked ciabatta sandwiches and jumbo bagel sandwiches, the diner is open seven days a week for Kent State students and residents of the city.

3rd: Dave’s Cosmic Subs

Located on Water Street, Dave’s Cosmic Subs offers fresh subs served on vegan, kosher Italian or whole wheat bread. The sub shop boasts of signature sandwiches, ranging from 8-inch to 16-inch.

Claiming to not be “your typical ‘establishment’ sub shop,” Dave’s provides free delivery for anyone and everyone craving a piping hot sandwich.