Best of Kent: Best Place to Take a Tinder Date

Freshman biology major, Carly Perkowski and senior applied engineering major, Paul Crisafi relax and enjoy their meal in the warm weather Saturday, April 16, 2016.

Benjamin VanHoose

First Place: Chipotle

Picking a spot to meet an online match can be nerve-racking, but the solution can some- times be familiarity. No matter where your date is from, there’s a good chance they have a Chipotle nearby, and that brand- recognition can ensure both of you enjoy the evening. 

Kent’s Chipotle is walking distance from campus and offers indoor and outdoor seating. The two of you can bond over your love of Chipotle, and the risk of someone disliking the food is reduced. Everyone will know exactly what to expect. And the best way to judge someone as marriage material is by what they get in their burrito. 

Second Place: Panini’s Bar and Grill

Panini’s is great for a date. It’s not too formal, yet not fast food either. Get the sit-down restaurant experience without ingredients you’ve never heard of or over-priced meals.

For sports-lovers, there’s bound to be some athletic event broadcast on the numerous televisions to break the ice and discuss favorite teams. For those who don’t know the difference between a touch- down and a home run, you’ll be able to relate and rant about your lack of interest in sports. 

Third Place: Ray’s Place

The upside to a blind date at Ray’s is the potential of creating personal memories. Following one spectacular meeting, this historical, Kent-specific bar and restaurant could be home to those meaningful stories you recount for years to come. These experiences simply wouldn’t be the same at franchise restaurants. 

It’s a one-of-a-kind atmosphere that directly relates to Kent and will forever reside in your memories of college and that really good or terribly bad Tinder date.