Our View: Warren’s appearance more than welcome


President Beverly Warren applauds after a performance at the Center for Performing Arts on April 24, 2016. This was President Warren’s first public appearance since having surgery early this month.

Sunday night, President Beverly Warren made her first public appearance at Kent State since her surgery after being diagnosed with breast cancer at the Performing Arts Center in a recital, entitled ‘Singing Verse.’

In addition, Warren also wrote a poem called “Praise Song to Kent State” in commemoration of her first year as president. The poem included life at Kent State, as well as the achievements of the university. The last stanza read:

“Three hundred days at Kent State in our rising college town. / This champion of freedom and diversity. / This mecca of innovation and inspiration. / This transformer of lives. / This peerless place we call home. / Praise song for the path we will travel tomorrow, / arms linked, minds open, hearts full.” 

On April 7, Warren sent out a university-wide email to students and faculty announcing she had been diagnosed with breast cancer during a routine physical examination, and would be on a limited schedule for the remainder of the semester.

Throughout her announcement and successful surgery, students, faculty and colleagues have shared their support, and the Kent State Gymnastics team painted the rock to read “#BevStrong.”

In light of her first appearance, we are happy to welcome Warren back to Kent State, and continue to support her as she serves and recovers.