Our View: Why the Climate Survey matters

Students received an email from Kent State President Beverly Warren in March, urging them to take the Kent State Climate Study: Assessment of Climate for Learning, Living, and Working. Unlike what some think, the survey does not cover climate change. Rather, it focuses on students’ personal experiences as a student on campus. 

The study is brought with the help of Rankin & Associates, and the deadline has ben extended to Friday, April 8.

This survey is not about changing the temperature on planet earth, rather it’s a way to evaluate the ways the campus community perceive how much individuals and groups on campus are respected or included. From there, administrators at Kent State can evaluate how to improve the environment for learning, living and working.

Participants do not have to answer every question in the survey if they do not wish; identities will not be given out.

We urge students to complete the survey, and as the university has reached out to collect opinions and general attitudes toward life and inclusion on campus, it’s important for the people who spend their time here and are a part of Kent State to provide those answers, whether they’re positive or not.