Best of Kent: Best Cocktail

A Long Island Iced Tea from Ray’s Place on Monday, April 11, 2016.

Angelo Angel

First Place – Ray’s Place Long Island Iced Tea

Taking an iconic cocktail and making it their own, Ray’s Place’s Long Island Iced Tea is a favorite within the establishment, boasting a price tag of $3.95.

Made with rum, vodka, gin, tequila and Triple Sec, the restaurant’s Long Island Iced Tea has consistently been nominated in the past as one of the best cocktails in Kent.

Charlie Thomas, owner of Ray’s Place since 1978, said that his establishment’s version of the drink is so popular because they free-pour, which makes every Long Island unique in terms of alcohol mixture.

Second Place – Water Street Tavern’s Fishbowl

When it comes to satisfying a group of bar-goers, Water Street’s Fishbowl meets those expectations and then exceeds them.

With 10 ways to enjoy Water Street’s iconic drink, the 84-ounce Fishbowl— which is priced at $15—consists of a UV vodka of your choosing, whether it’s the Blue Raz that contains UV Blue and Lemon-Lime Soda or the Pink Flamingo, which has UV Lemonade, Triple Sec and cranberry juice.

PG Dennis, a bartender and one of the mangers at Water Street Tavern, said that it’s a popular drink for people to share since it’s so huge. On average, Dennis said, he makes around 50 fishbowls a night.

Third Place – The Loft’s Incredible Hulk

When it comes to finding a drink that’s not only creative but packs a punch, The Loft’s Hulk is a unique favorite among bar-goers.

Consisting of a concoction of 7-Up, Grizzly Energy Drink and a shot of vodka, the Hulk is a $4 cocktail.

Brad Patterson, manager of The Loft, recalls that the Hulk was a spin-off creation from the “Rocket Pop,” another popular cocktail, and has been a staple at The Loft ever since.