From the College Republicans: We want the best, not the loudest

The year 2016 has proven to be an exciting time for the race to the presidency so far, especially for the Republican Party. We’ve gone from seeing over a dozen Republican candidates on the stage, to now our top four. One of the questions often posed to our club is, who do you endorse?

At this time, the Kent State College Republicans are not officially endorsing any candidates. While we may all have our favorites, there is still time in this race and more developments to be made, and we believe it is important to not speak too soon or count anyone out. 

We want to support the most qualified candidate, while also unifying and strengthening our party. When it comes time for Republicans to choose a nominee for the general election, we will support the candidate we find most qualified based on record, character, and action.

The views expressed herein are the policies of the College Republicans Executive Board and the organization as a whole.