Opinion: Justifying Planned Parenthood

Lucas Misera

Lucas Misera

Occasionally, news breaks from the government that sticks around for a while, and I’m left wondering how we possibly could still be on that specific topic. Planned Parenthood is one of those subjects, and Paul Ryan just brought it back to the forefront.

In an interview with CNN, Paul Ryan new Speaker of the House mentioned that Planned Parenthood doesn’t deserve taxpayer funding, but recognizes how difficult actually defunding it will be.

Before Congress thinks about making life more difficult for women across the country, consider this: 20 percent of Congress is comprised of women. Sure, it’s more than in previous years, but an overwhelming amount of men in the government are making rash decisions that directly affect women across the country, and it’s absurd.

I see no reason as to why the government should regulate how women choose to lead their lives. Whether the topic is abortion, contraceptives or Planned Parenthood, something about Paul Ryan telling his constituents that Planned Parenthood deserves zero funding seems offensive.

After scanning Politifact.com, a nonpartisan political fact-checking service, it appears as if much of what those against Planned Parenthood have to say is untrue. So what is Planned Parenthood, if we can’t trust legislators to give us an objective perspective on it?

Planned Parenthood is far more than an “abortion clinic,” which its opposition seems to make it out to be. It’s a governmental service for women, supplying anything from aid in finding healthcare to information on self-confidence. Planned Parenthood is an advocate for women’s rights and urges women to seek medical care if needed. According to the website, the organization features “59 unique, locally governed affiliates” across the United States and approximately 700 health centers nationwide.

Factually, Planned Parenthood is more than an abortion clinic. It’s one of the largest providers of health services to women that our nation has.

So, can we please stop politicizing this issue? Considering this is the same Congress that grows frustrated when Obama “politicizes” gun control, it seems hypocritical to politicize the quality of life of millions of women across the United States.

I find it hard to justify taking away easy access to healthcare at an ethical level. If people justify it on religious grounds, deeming certain healthcare provided by Planned Parenthood as immoral, then we need to remember power of individual choice. If one person genuinely believes that contraceptives are unacceptable, then we need to remember the next person may not have the same core beliefs.

Planned Parenthood debates will be no different than those over gun control, immigration or taxes on the rich; there is no end in sight for this one. However, out of all of the topics that Congress finds itself split on, this one is baffling.

Paul Ryan, do this country a favor: if you truly believe that defunding Planned Parenthood is unrealistic, move on before Congress becomes stagnant on yet another issue.

Lucas Misera is an opinion writer for The Kent Stater. Contact him at [email protected].