Opinion: Alternatives to cop-out costumes

Carlyle Addy is a sophomore journalism major and a columnist for The Kent Stater. Contact her at [email protected]

Carlyle Addy

We’ve all seen Halloween cop-outs before. These are people who take their least favorite white T-shirt, write the word “costume” on the front and head out with their squad to celebrate the holiday season.

That’s one way to pick a last-minute costume, and had it not become so commonplace, it might even be worth some style points.

Now though, the procrastinated costuming expectations grow greater every year. The “costume” costume is almost as overdone as articles telling people what they should be for Halloween.

We all brought certain things to our residence halls on move-in day. There’s no need to mutilate your white sheets or empty a whole roll of duct tape for one night of fun. It’s easy to forget that our favorite TV characters, movie heroes and heroines and real life idols wear normal clothing more often than not as well.

“Glee” fans will remember that season one “Don’t Stop Believing” moment when the most iconic image was a group of young adults pretending to be teenagers in red shirts and jeans. You don’t need the entire squad for this one, just a fellow “Glee” lover who will get your reference.

Put a hoodie under a coat and you’re Leonard from “The Big Bang Theory.” You can turn this into a squad costume easily. Every character has their own distinct style on that show, and when they’re put together, no one can miss your costume.

As an alternative, if you tie a hoodie the right way, it’s a cape and you’re a superhero. Look out, Avengers. There’s the Kent State superhero team ready to take over Ohio. If you’re a 0-8-4 (object of unknown origin), I might have to bring out my homemade S.H.I.E.L.D. badge and pull you aside.

I take my fake federal agenting very seriously, as should anyone who puts on a dress shirt and a tie to call himself or herself anything from Seeley Booth to Leroy Jethro Gibbs. If you’re going to print badges, try to find a friend who’s also looking to print a piece of their costume. Share paper and save a few cents on printing.

If copycatting a television show or movie isn’t your style, BuzzFeed has a costume idea for someone to look like a piece from Banksy. White pants, black top, a bandana, ball cap and a bouquet of flowers to top it off, and you’re the Flower Thrower.

We all love music. We all have our favorite bands. Get out all of your band merch and play the ultimate fangirl or fanboy. This is also a good excuse to start shouting song lyrics in the middle of conversations. You’re only acting, after all.

Better yet, if there’s an specific style to the band, like Hayley Williams’ bright red hair or Twenty One Pilots’ ski masks, you could dress as the band members. Or, better yet, carry around a guitar and be your own band.

Of course, if you still insist on a T-shirt costume, BuzzFeed has a slightly more creative idea: “Error 404: Costume not found.”

Carlyle Addy is an opinion writer for The Kent Stater. Contact her at [email protected].