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Kent Read, Kent Write, Kent Stop Talking...About Entertainment!

Kent Read, Kent Write, Kent Stop Talking…About Entertainment!

Thank you for listening to Kent Read, Kent Write, Kent Stop Talking! We hope you’ll forgive some mild audio difficulties as columnists Adriona Murphy and Alex Thornhill join host and opinion editor Nick...

Carlyle Addy is a sophomore journalism major and a columnist for The Kent Stater. Contact her at 

Opinion: Alternatives to cop-out costumes

Carlyle Addy October 18, 2015

We’ve all seen Halloween cop-outs before. These are people who take their least favorite white T-shirt, write the word “costume” on the front and head out with their squad to celebrate the holiday...

Model: Tommy Hamilton

The rise of the Lumbersexual

Heather Inglis January 27, 2015

Warning: The subject of this column may or may not steal your girl. Guys, hold onto your beanies and boat shoes. Ladies, read on.As some of us are starting to realize, in a college world full of eco-friendly...

Opinion: Buzzfeed’s relatable one-liners

Audrey Young October 21, 2014

Stress is a common problem for college students and adults. This semester, being my last, has turned into the most stressful and mentally exhausting one yet. December, where are you? This may be the first...

Storify: Urban Outfitter’s red-stained KSU sweatshirt causes outrage on Twitter

September 15, 2014

// <![CDATA[// ]]> [View the story "Urban Outfitters’ red-stained KSU sweatshirt sparks controversy on Twitter" on Storify]

In 2014, retailer Urban Outfitters promoted a controversial Kent State sweatshirt.

Update: Urban Outfitters apologizes to Kent State over sweatshirt controversy

Hannah Armenta September 15, 2014

UPDATE: Urban Outfitters expressed its remorse for the Vintage Kent State sweatshirt that was for sale on its website earlier today in an exclusive statement to The Kent Stater. “Urban Outfitters would...


Buzzin’ about Buzzfeed Quizzes

Lindsay Miller February 26, 2014

Which “House of Cards” character are you? What should your college major actually be? Where should you really live?According to Buzzfeed, Sarah Novotny, senior visual communication design major should...

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Katherine’s Flick Pick: ‘Dodgeball’

Katherine Nix February 12, 2014

Some remember this movie as though it came out a week ago, but it recently made the list of Buzzfeed’s movie celebrating their 10-year anniversary. “Dodgeball” features Vince Vaughn as a struggling...

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