Opinion: Coming to college clueless, leaving with wisdom


Toni Hunt

Toni Hunt

Your initial thoughts of college usually consists of class work, Greek life and college parties, but as the semester flies by, you begin to realize that those thoughts are minute compared to the many lessons that you learn at a university.

Kent State’s incoming freshman class is one of the largest in Kent State history. That large number of students proves that everyone is eager for this new experience. The new experience unravels when you step foot on the university’s campus and gets presented with financial aid issues, roommate quarrels, time management problems or even just not knowing how to get to your next class from your residence hall. 

How do you deal with this all? You learn through the actual experience. Many students are used to their parents dealing with finances or guidance counselors helping them when feeling lost in school and getting good grades while still being involved in multiple school activities. But, as you all know, going away to college is about being on your own, although Kent State does offer services to help assist with hard times.

Don’t worry; we’ve all been through the same eye-opening moments. I experienced roommate tension my freshman year. Complications between the two of us only led to me learning more about myself. It also taught me to be patient and considerate of others’ viewpoints. At the time, I did not realize the insight I gained, but when I look back, I am very appreciative of that experience. Incoming students will feel the same. 

Going away  to college not only teaches you valuable life skills; it also teaches you how to network and market yourself. Kent State’s Career Services can prepare for your future career with training for interviews, tweaking your resume and applying for positions. 

College opens your horizon to multiple life experiences you probably didn’t imagine when enrolling, but when you graduate you will be able to look back and see the wisdom you’ve accumulated in your time at Kent State University.

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