Harald Blomberg will share Rhythmic Training Movement at Kent State symposium

Alyse Rohloff

Swedish psychiatrist Harald Blomberg will be featured to present his findings on Rhythmic Movement Training at the College of Education, Health and Human Services’ symposium, July 21-28.

RTM has been known to help patients that suffer from ADHD, Autism, Dyslexia and those who have severe motor problems. When participants make the RTM movements, which simulate those of an infant, they are maturing and awakening different parts of the brain.

“I was working with a young man and after a period of time his mother said his before and after handwriting was like two different people,” said Lisbeth Justice, a RTM consultant.

RTM can be helpful to people of all ages, whether they have a medical issue or not, Justice said.  RTM can also be very helpful to those in the education and health field.

July 21 will be Blomberg’s opening presentation and reception, and July 23 will be RTM level two, which focuses on emotions and inner leadership. July 24 will be RTM Inner Dreams and Healing, which will focus on dreams. July 27 will be RTM level three will focus on reading and writing difficulties. 

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