Summer break(ups)

Heather Inglis

With the stress of finals building, we all know what’s around the corner: Summer. Everyone will be heading home, back to their families and high school friends, to enjoy a well-deserved three months off.

However, this break could leave some unanswered questions back in Kent. The most important for us sex-crazed people: What do I do about my semester fling?

Yeah, she’s really nice, but it’s not going anywhere. You don’t want to take it further than “friends with benefits,” and you definitely don’t want her traveling to your hometown to meet your parents.

So, now what?

First of all, don’t be an ass — and that goes for you, too, girls. For no reason do you need to just quit texting this person, or ignore them when they call. Most likely, you two run in the same friend groups or will be in a similar living situation in the future. No need to burn bridges.

Be blatantly honest. Ask the person where they see the two of you going, and tell them exactly what you want from this point forward. If anything, your “friend” should appreciate you being honest with them, even if it does hurt.

Don’t argue if you don’t agree. This isn’t a good idea in any situation. And why would you even attempt arguing with someone who’s seen you naked? They could actually give more dirt on you than most because, well, you’ve bumped uglies. They could reveal the most intimate things you don’t want people knowing.

Try, for the love of all things holy, to end on good terms. This goes along with arguing and, in turn, being malicious about conflicting opinions on where you stand. Reassure this person you would eventually like to try to be friends if that’s not currently in the cards. Again, maybe you’ve sent this person nudes or shared a deep, dark secret. Those are things the Internet could get ahold of real quick.

Who knows, maybe it’ll be smooth sailing, and you guys will hook up again next semester. Or, no matter how nice you are, they end up hating you. Either way, it’s better to be a good person and be nice.

So readers, enjoy your summer with or without your semester fling. Until next semester, keep sexual.

Heather Inglis is the sex columnist for KSUbuzz. Contact her at [email protected].