Best Place to Study: University Library

Lily Martis


University Library

Looking for a place to study? Kent State’s University Library offers 12 floors of study space, each with its own distinct vibe.

Students can head to the fourth floor for a group project or the seventh floor for a quiet space.

“My favorite floor is the ninth floor,” said Jasmin Johnson, a junior nutrition major, “because I love how quiet it is, and I am able to get a lot of work done.”

Its central location on campus and 24-hour access from Mondays to Thursdays makes the library a convenient study spot for students with late-night deadlines or pulling all-night cramming sessions. Computers and printers are also located on almost every floor.


Tree City Coffee & Pastry

Sometimes a little caffeine and a warm fire is all it takes to bust out that 10-page paper.

Underneath exposed ceiling and pipework, you can find people reading or studying to the sounds of clicking keyboards and espresso makers at Tree City Coffee & Pastry.

“Tree City is a great environment for studying,” Sara Becker, a sophomore psychology major, said. “I can sit by the fire there for hours and study, and the coffee and peanut butter sandwiches help to keep you going.”

Tree City’s direct-trade coffee paired with their gourmet, freshly ground peanut butter sandwiches (some even have Nutella or honey added to them) give students the energy they need to power through their study sessions, and all for a good price.

Tree City’s sandwiches ballpark at around $5 and the coffee, teas and smoothies range anywhere between $1.75 and $4.95.


Kent Free Library

Kent’s “other library,” the Kent Free Library, located on West Main Street, serves as the community’s public library. It also is an excellent place for students to come in and study.

“I’ve gone to the Kent Free Library since I was a little kid,” said Jackie Myers, a senior business management major. “Still to this day, I think it’s one of the best places to get away and be able to focus.”

Its off-campus location separates itself from the university, making it a prime place for students who really want to study without all of the distractions. The library also holds a number of resources for both school purposes and reading pleasure and allows patrons to rent e-books.

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