Best Sandwich Shop: Franklin Square Deli


Manager Jill Wymer, prepares a sandwich platter during lunch on April 4, 2015.

Felicia Guadagni


Franklin Square Deli

Franklin Square Deli, located on the corner of Water and Main streets in Downtown Kent, takes first place for “Best Sandwich Shop” once again.

Manager Jill Wymer, who has worked at the deli since it opened in 1983, credits clean, high-quality food and a homey environment to its success.

“New blood in the neighborhood is good, but people love familiarity,” Wymer said. “We’ve been here a long time; we know our customers, and we’re all friends here.”

The deli’s menu is comprised of Italian submarine sandwiches, bagel breakfast sandwiches and signature salads. Wymer said the shop is busiest at lunch hour, but once the weather gets nice and students are walking around downtown, business really picks up. Sandwiches at the shop may cost slightly more than a $5 foot-long, but students prefer Franklin Square Deli as their local favorite.

“Thirty-two years surviving in Kent makes us an institution,” Owner Carl Picelle said.


Twisted Meltz

A family-owned restaurant, Twisted Meltz wins second place in the sandwich shop category. Located in Acorn Alley, Twisted Meltz boasts both delivery and sit-in dining and accepts Flash Cash.

“We are just the coolest people making the coolest sandwiches,” Manager Michael Tannous jokes. “But seriously, we are all friendly, and everyone helps each other out.”

The shop is unique in that it uses no processed meats or cheeses and even has a special ghost pepper cheese available, which helps differentiate the sandwich shop.


Jimmy John’s

Freaky fast delivery, online ordering and a location in the heart of Downtown Kent makes Jimmy John’s a favorite among Kent State students.

According to Jimmy John’s website, the sandwich shop uses the “best of the best” ingredients, with bread baked in-house, meat free of additives and fillers, real condiments and in-house sliced vegetables and meats.

But don’t expect a hot sandwich from here. To speed up the process, all Jimmy John’s subs are served fresh and cold.

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