Best Tattoo/ Piercing Parlor: Defiance Tattoos


Artist Larry Spano begins to tattoo his client Chris Szabet at Defiance Tattoos and Piercing in Downtown Kent on April 6, 2015. Szabet is getting the phases of the moon tattooed on his forearm.

Jamie Brian


Defiance Tattoos

The lobby of Defiance Tattoos is warm and conversational with a black leather couch and magazines strewn across the coffee table.

This welcoming, no-stress environment and patient staff has made the tattoo parlor a first-choice stop.

“We welcome everybody and want them to feel at home here,” Mike Jagel, a Defiance tattoo artist and piercer, said. “Come in and ask questions. You don’t need to be embarrassed.”

Serving Kent for nearly a decade, Defiance has five tattoo artists and two piercers and regularly posts pictures of their work to the parlor’s Facebook and Instagram accounts. Whatever you have in mind for your next tattoo, Defiance can make it happen.

“Each artist brings their own talents,” Jagel said. “So, we’re ready for anything.”


Smokin’ Tattooz

Located on East Main Street, Smokin’ Tattooz is a family-owned tattoo parlor that prides itself on its professional atmosphere and experience.

The lobby is a piece of art in its own right with a bright, open space and colorful paintings on the walls. This elegance carries over into the people who work there, who offer a range of styles and background in the industry.

“We’ve been doing this for a long time, and we’re passionate about it,” owner Jeremy Cales said. “All of our tattoo artists do other art mediums like acrylics and airbrushing as well, not just tattooing.”


Crucible Tattoo

Crucible Tattoo is a new contender on the list, opened in February 2013 by Jay Miller with the intention of creating a high-end, custom tattoo shop.

“I think some people go into a shop and just want to pick a tattoo off of the wall, but we’re not like that,” Miller said. “It’s more personalized, and we always do consultations to get a better idea of what the customer wants.”

Crucible Tattoo is located on South Water Street and is staffed by three artists, who also do piercings.

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