Obama emphasizes middle-class economics during Cleveland visit

Daniel Henderson

Obama touts economic success under his administration during Cleveland visit from KentWired.com on Vimeo.

President Barack Obama addressed middle-class economics in front of the City Club of Cleveland at the Cleveland Convention Center on Wednesday.

The president focused on job growth under his administration, his ideas for the budget and unveiled his new plan for revamping manufacturing across the country. Middle-class economics remained a consistent theme throughout the speech. 

“Trickle down economics does not work, middle-class economics does,” President Obama said, referencing the Congressional Republican Budget.

Obama also announced a $500 million dollar plan for creating a manufacturing hub in the textile industry. Obama said The Department of Defense is looking for new technologies and innovation in textile manufacturing that will keep American troops safe in combat.

After the speech, Obama took questions from the audience ranging from legal aid service to his community college initiative and offered advice to high school students in attendance on pursing their dreams.

Obama also took questions from the audience following his speech in true City Club fashion as the organization is famous for its open forum discussions on political issues.

Prior to arriving to The Convention Center, Obama toured MAGNET, a northeast Ohio manufacturer that deals with many products including whisky.

“I did not sample any whisky before I came here, though I am taking a sample home,” Obama joked with the crowd.

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Obama emphasizes middle-class economics during Cleveland visit by Kentwired.com on Exposure