Opinion: Katy Perry does it big


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Zachary Downes

So I’m sure we all watched the Super Bowl. Haters gonna hate; Patriots gonna deflate. The Seahawks should have won. Yeah, yeah. We all feel the same way about the Patriots and Tom Brady.

I’m going to get to the important part of the entire game. Katy Perry.

Now, I know some people may get offended that I blew off the game, but I’m not a big sports person.

However, Katy Perry was in her zone on Super Bowl Sunday. She came riding in on a jungle cat to the performance, which was a good idea since the opening song was “Roar.”

Now her outfit was a little questionable. Though I do love Katy Perry, I feel like she got her inspiration for the outfit as if she was imitating Katniss Everdeen or the Heat Miser. It’s okay because she worked it. Her stage presence is what caught everybody’s eye.

After getting off the jungle cat and performing “Dark Horse” as her second song, Lenny Kravitz comes to the stage.

Lenny Kravitz.

It was a perfect idea to sing “I Kissed a Girl” as a duet, and the guitar playing was on point.

My favorite part of the performance was obviously “Teenage Dream” and “California Girls.”

However, the dancing beach balls had teeth, and I was a bit confused about that. The Dancing Sharks were almost as classic as the Dancing Lobsters from “The Amanda Show.” I am going to start using the blue dancing shark, which clearly had no idea what was going, for every meme I find acceptable.

Then, I got a little more confused. After performing two songs, Missy Elliott came out of nowhere.

Now, I have nothing against Missy Elliott, but I thought she was incarcerated. I was clearly wrong. The outfit choices for her three-song medley of “Lose Control,” “Work It” and “Get Ur Freak On,” were not on point. I feel like the outfits had their freak on a little too much. They were at a 10, and I needed them at a 5.

But in reality, Katy Perry is perfect. The Patriots unfortunately won, and life will go on.