Kelsey’s Flick Pick: ‘The Lego Movie’

The Lego Movie

‘The Lego Movie’

Kelsey Husnick

Don’t scoff — this movie is awesome. Actually, everything is awesome. It’s literally the movie’s theme song: “Everything Is Awesome,” and it will be stuck in your head for days.

Emmet is an ordinary Lego construction worker. He lives in an extremely organized world where there are rules and guidelines for everything, but Emmet doesn’t seem to fit in. He doesn’t necessarily question the rules imposed on him, but he doesn’t follow the straight path either. That’s how he stumbles upon a rebel Lego named Lucy who knows the super-organized Lego world they’re living in is actually part of the evil Mr. Business’ plan to dominate the Lego world and build his empire — freezing the Lego people in place with super glue so that everyone and everything is picture-perfect — basically the way a scene would look on a Lego box.

Emmet and Lucy meet Vitruvius, a God-like “master builder”, fittingly voiced by Morgan Freeman. He introduced the two to other master builders — Lego characters who can use random pieces to create things quickly — and we meet a cast including Batman, the Green Lantern, Dumbledore and the Star Wars characters.

The storyline is endearing as Emmet tries to prove himself as the “Special” master builder who can save the Lego people from Mr. Business, but also hilarious as the characters spit out uncharacteristic, sarcastic lines that will make you think twice and then laugh out loud. 

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