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Kelsey’s Flick Pick: ‘Tammy’

Kelsey Husnick December 2, 2014

Melissa McCarthy is always hilarious, but in “Tammy,” which she co-wrote as well as starred in, she also delivers a strong message. It’s like that moment in “Bridesmaids” when she repeatedly...


Matt’s flick pick: ‘Snowpiercer’

Matthew Merchant December 2, 2014

In a future world completely frozen over by ice and snow, a train powered by a perpetual motion machine circles the planet with Earth’s only surviving humans aboard. Divided into sections and classes,...

A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving

Kelsey’s Flick: ‘A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving’

Kelsey Husnick November 24, 2014

It’s simply not a real Thanksgiving unless Charlie Brown takes a few running kicks at the football and then goes over the river and through the woods to grandmother’s house. I will never, ever grow...

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Matt’s Flick Pick: ‘The Holiday’

Matthew Merchant November 24, 2014

Despite the outrage that stores are stocking Christmas accessories before Thanksgiving, my pick this week is called “The Holiday.” It’s a Christmas movie. And it’s a chick flick. Whatever, I loved...


Matt’s Flick Pick: ‘Hook’

Matthew Merchant November 18, 2014

If you’ve never seen this fanciful adaptation of the Peter Pan story, stop reading this and go watch it. Immediately.Robin Williams plays a grown-up Peter, a stern lawyer with two kids, who has lost...

The Hundred-foot Journey

Matt’s Flick Pick: ‘The Hundred-foot Journey’

Matthew Merchant November 11, 2014

As an Indian family is traveling across Europe in their old car, it breaks down in the mountains of France. They are forced to take shelter for the night with a beautiful young French girl, much to the...


Kelsey’s Flick Pick: ‘Fury’

Kelsey Husnick November 11, 2014

In honor of Veterans Day, I’m highlighting a movie that’s still in theaters because, well, it’s worth going to see. “Fury,” Brad Pitt’s latest flick, follows a five-man crew in a Sherman tank...

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Kelsey’s Flick Pick: ‘Lone Survivor’

Kelsey Husnick November 4, 2014

There are two things you should know about me: I have an unhealthy love for Mark Wahlberg, and I get really, really emotionally invested in action films. Like jumping out of my seat, sweating, crying,...

Paramount Pictures

Matt’s Flick Pick: ‘Black Sheep’

Matthew Merchant November 4, 2014

In the spirit of Election Day news coverage and the need for some good old fashion comedy this time in the semester, “Black Sheep” delivers everything to remedy the gubernatorial blues. From 1996 comes...

The Purge: Anarchy

Kelsey’s: ‘The Purge: Anarchy’

Kelsey Husnick October 28, 2014

I wouldn’t normally be in support of full-blown, legal murder, but this movie might make me think twice about it. In the first movie, “The Purge,” a new installation of government creates a holiday...

Blue Like Jazz

Matt’s Flick Pick: ‘Blue like jazz’

Matthew Merchant October 28, 2014

When I heard this movie was being made I immediately bought an advance ticket for the exclusive showing. You see, the movie is based off the Donald Miller book by the same name, and I had read the book...


Matt’s Flick Pick: ‘Insidious’

Matt Merchant October 21, 2014

Prepare for a list of horror movie descriptive clichés. This is seriously one of the scariest movies I have ever seen. The first time I watched it I was home alone, at night, with all of the lights off....

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