Our view: Time to explore

KS Editors

When you’re still in high school, the questions begin: Are you going to college? Where are you going? What will you major in? What is your whole life plan?

With these questions being fired at us left and right, even following us into college, we feel pressured to make decisions that could affect our whole lives, even though, at that point, most of us are still teenagers trying to figure out who we are.

Parents, teachers and mentors add additional pressure with the question: Will you be graduating in four years? The pressure can come from financial stress or wanting to be “normal” and finish in the expected—and socially accepted—four years.

But here is the truth: Sometimes, finishing college can take five, six, seven or more years.

There is no shame in changing your mind about a decision you made at 17 or 18 years old and changing your major. Yet, the  popular belief is if you do this then you’re wasting precious time and money when you could’ve stuck with your original program.

As young adults, we are beginning to forge our own paths in the world. College is a period of transition before the “real world” everyone talks about. It’s the time to discover and study something you’re passionate about, which is key to being successful in that “real world.”

So, use however many years you’re here at Kent State to explore. Find the major that excites you and find your passion—no matter how long it takes. Focus on learning and experiencing what interests you. Don’t worry about answering all of the questions. Only then will you graduate college headed for a career that suits you.

The above editorial is the consensus opinion of the The Kent Stater editorial board, whose names are listed above.