Kelsey’s Flick Pick: ‘Clear History’

Clear History

‘Clear History’

Kelsey Husnick

Nathan is good at his job and can sell pretty much anything as a PR marketing specialist, but when his boss asks him to come up with a campaign for an electric car called “Howard,” he puts his foot down. Really, who would name a car Howard?

To get to the main plot, Nathan, played by Larry David, quits his job, the car is a huge success and he loses billions of dollars — something his former partner, Will, played by Jon Hamm, makes nationally known. Embarrassed, Nathan changes his name to Rory, shaves his beard, cuts his hair and moves to Martha’s Vineyard. He creates a happy new life in a house with eye-level outlets so he never has to fiddle with cords or move furniture or confront his past life again — minus the constant reminders, because almost everyone on the island drives a Howard. 

Rory’s bliss is disturbed when his old partner moves to the island. Will and his beautiful wife build a mansion and he starts invading Rory’s circle of friends. Rory joins the construction crew at Will’s mansion and devises an explosive plan to get rid of him, but ends up screwing himself out of billions once again. 

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