Our View: It only takes one class

KS Editors

For all students, college is a time to learn about more than math, English and science. College is a time to learn about culture, historically and presently.

At Kent State, some classes, such as Black Images I, bring cultural issues to the forefront of students’ minds. The class’s trip to the Jim Crow Museum of Racist Memorabilia, the Charles H. Wright Black History Museum and the Motown Museum took students helped students explore the orgins of racism and the ongoing journey of acceptance African Americans face today.

According to its catalog course description, Black Images I has students examine the historical origins of racial images and anti-black perceptions through newspapers, magazines, songs, plays, literature, textbooks, radio, television, films, comic books, etc. and the role of these images in American culture past and present.

In this course, and courses alike, students come to terms with the reality of their world. Their own perceptions are challenged, and they learn that the real world may be different than they thought. Classes like these prepare students to become more understanding and wiser adults.

A semester of discussions, materials and exercises pushes them to question what they think they know and the information set in front of them.

In today’s story, “Defining the black experience” students shared their reactions to the Black Images I trip to Michigan. They were overwhelmed and angered by what they saw but inspired and motivated to make a change.

Cultural awareness is key to making a difference in society. Without this awareness, we as students cannot change the world we live in, especially when stereotypes, microaggressions and cultural appropriations are mainstream.

We as students should take advantage of the opportunities we have at Kent State to learn about society past and present, good and bad, and grow from this experience. Only through knowledge, acceptance and understanding can we be a generation that brings a change to society. The first step toward that is taking one of these courses.

The above editorial is the consensus opinion of The Kent Stater editorial board, whose names are listed above.