Erin’s Flick Pick: ‘Obsessed’

Courtesy of Rainforest Films

Courtesy of Rainforest Films

Erin Zaranec

“Derek, I’m gonna call you back.”

Cue Kevin Hart, because that’s when you know that it’s about to go down.

Beyoncé stars in “Obsessed” and is sure to get your adrenaline going — and, if you are a female with even the smallest hint of jealousy issues, you’ll be on her side through the whole film.  

The 2009 movie follows Sharon Charles, wife of businessman Derek Charles whose new female secretary is looking for a little more than a professional relationship with her boss.

After the secretary’s workplace crush turns into an obsession, Beyoncé takes matters into her own hands, leading to fight scenes that will leave you shouting encouragements at the screen.

Disclaimer: Do not watch this film when a roommate is trying to sleep or study in peace, because it is almost guaranteed that you will be cussing out Derek’s secretary just as much as you’ll be cheering Beyoncé on.

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