Fitness Diary: Week 15

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Melissa Puppo

It saddens me to say this is my last fitness diary for the Daily Kent Stater this semester. From the moment I came up with the idea to write another blog for publication, I began thinking to myself that I really was going to have to commit to working out, eating healthier and overall just becoming more fit and happier as a person for this column to succeed.

I was worried at first, but I am so happy I did this because this column has been motivation for myself, and as a way to document all that I went through this semester. From January until now I have worked to my best ability to work out at the Rec, trying new things and learning to love working out.

Just this past week, I did something completely new, which just goes to show how working out doesn’t have to be monotonous. It’s always possible to change it up. My friends asked me to go on a run with them, and if you know me, I don’t do long-distance running. I woke up and went with them as we took on campus and the side trails leading down by the stadium.

We ran three miles total, and I was really proud of myself for actually running for as long as I could with only minimal stops. I might have felt like passing out at one point and felt cramping in my sides, but I knew I had to finish strong.

It’s always possible to achieve something new, and I hope I have inspired you all these months to get fit and work out to your best ability. Working out isn’t easy, I know that for sure, but what I’ve learned is that you just have to do it and be consistent.

If you do, you never know you might be able to squat 100 pounds like myself or get close to benching 100 pounds. I still have a week left to achieve more.

This summer, I hope you take advantage of the great weather, the trails that might be by your home and the endless fun you can have while working out in the outdoors.

Just remember, it is never too late to start getting fit for a healthier and happier you.