Opinion: We can affect the world through personal media


Kent Kirker is a junior education major and columnist for the Daily Kent Stater. Contact him at [email protected].

Kent Kirker

Personal forms of media and social media are standards in today’s generation. They are more readily accessible than a half-century ago and more advanced than even a decade ago. Much of this has to do with technological advances we have experienced over the past several years.

For example, if one looked at Facebook, MySpace or YouTube from a decade ago, he or she would see the vast difference between then and now in user interface, as well as the amount of information available. Most personal media sites aren’t even ten years old.

One present but emerging form of media we should use more often is that of personal or organizational web pages. With web pages, organizations can avoid at lot of things such as advertisements, limited space and many third-party conflicts.

A personal web page gives a person or organization a more credible view. In addition, one is always able to connect his or her other social media sites to the web page if he or she wishes to do so.

These personal websites, depending on the server and the company providing the template, as well as the cost involved, are free of tedious advertisements, and have a lot more space. Some don’t even limit the amount of space available.

Nowadays, social media sites are used for a multitude of purposes. The provide a platform for individual people to share and explain their opinions or even persuade others to agree with those views. As a unified people, we should all collectively take part in this facet of personal media.

The exhibition of such ideas should be freely expressed without fear of redress or censorship. Take advantage of any given platform and the right to freely speak about any topic of your choosing.

According to Communication Research, “surge[s] in political activity suggests that it [is] possible to engage young people in the political process when they were reached through the media.”

We need to continuously be involved in the political and governmental process, not just during presidential or congressional election cycles, such as this year, but above and beyond. We all must be vigilant.

Recently, I have been listening to a podcast hosted by actor and activist Sean Astin called Vox Populi: Voice of the Occasionally Interested People. He has taken the initiative, as I believe we all should, to keep the discussion going, providing another excellent outlet for a well-informed electorate.

My brother and I also produce a YouTube Channel known as the K-Vlog Bros., in which we alternate days and record a video each day. Some days have a theme and others are free days. We were inspired by the Vlog Brothers, John & Hank Green. We use this series to express our lives, our views and our opinions.

In doing this project, we are actively taking part in the discussion and ultimately offering another color to the mix.

You can view our channel here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XvvlDDYF3F0