Fitness Diary: Week 14

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Melissa Puppo

The mini blizzard that passed through Kent last week had me all sorts of confused — and I’m not going to lie — I refused to walk in the cold on Tuesday. I just couldn’t get myself to function after looking at the white fluff swirling through the air. That was a problem, not to mention my body had been aching the whole week after I managed to make great strides with lifting and squatting.

I felt like my right shoulder was permanently going to ache. Then Thursday came around, and it went pretty well. I should gave myself more credit because I finally reached my 100-pound mark in doing squats, but I felt defeated for most of my workout after.

I just wasn’t feeling like doing the hard work. I tried to get focused, but every now and then I felt extremely weak and not motivated — something I hope never happens again for a long time. I left the gym with my mango refuel smoothie — extremely achy and wobbly in my legs — but I couldn’t help but get the struggle out of my head.

Looking back on it, I had no reason to beat up on myself. I had achieved something great — I squatted 100 pounds. Not only was that impressive for myself, but I also have been working with heavier weights during different exercises, I have been open to try more and I overall can notice more muscle and my body becoming more toned and strong.

There’s only a few weeks left! It’s crunch time, and now more than ever I need to continue to push myself into the best shape I can and finish strong.

Keep on keeping on friends!

Contact Melissa Puppo at [email protected].