Fitness Diary: Week 11

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Melissa Puppo

I got back into the swing of things with hitting the gym. I pushed myself to 80 pounds on the leg press, I increased some arm machine weights to 45 pounds and I was doing a crazy number of squats. YAY! Oh, and might I add, I danced a ton during the weekend, so I’d like to consider that some really good calories burned.

With classes getting down to the final weeks and projects, tests and deadlines piling up, I’ve been paying attention to one thing: time — or the lack thereof.

Lately, I have found it very hard to find time in my schedule to work out. I gave myself a plan to work out on Tuesdays, Thursdays and two other days when I had time on Friday, Saturday or Sunday. While this was perfect in the beginning of the semester, I definitely have been struggling. Some days I find myself planning interviews on the mornings I have open, other days I work until late, and some days I really just need the sleep.

So yes, I haven’t been building up my strength and ability as well as I should either. I actually miss working out, and the days I find a bit of time to squeeze it in, I am extremely thankful.

Working out really does make me a happier person and takes off some extra stress that I build up as the weeks go on. This semester, I never thought I would actually “miss” getting a good work-out in or “miss” finding the willpower to wake up each week and head to the Rec without any excuses.

As the rest of the semester continues to unfold, I hope to keep you updated with new workouts to try and ways to keep you motivated while I finish the rest of my semester trying to get fit!