Zac’s Flick Pick: ‘Being John Malkovich’

Image courtesy of Universal Pictures

Image courtesy of Universal Pictures

Zac Younkins

For those whom enjoy films with relatable, good-looking main characters, realistic plots and crowd-pleasing action suspense, “Being John Malkovich” might not be for you.

“Being John Malkovich” would be for those movie fans who like bizarre characters; sexually frustrated puppeteers, unkempt, strung-out, hippie pet-enthusiasts and socially challenged Academy Award winning actors. It’s the type of film for those who enjoy plots about jumping into other people’s positions and sharing a state of consciousness.

That being said, maybe you’re confused already. I’ll clarify. John Cusack stars as an out-of-work puppeteer who takes a crappy office job and he discovers a literal doorway into someone else’s mind. Through it, he can live briefly as another person — none other than actor John Malkovich.

Get ready to examine reality as you know it and spend a while locked up in your apartment going through an existential crisis.

The classic scene is when Malkovich travels into his own doorway, taking him through his own mind into a world populated entirely by John Malkoviches whom all speak only sentences composed of one word, “Malkovich.”

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