Katherine’s Flick Pick: ‘Dodgeball’

Poster design by The Ant Farm

Poster design by The Ant Farm

Katherine Nix

Some remember this movie as though it came out a week ago, but it recently made the list of Buzzfeed’s movie celebrating their 10-year anniversary. 

“Dodgeball” features Vince Vaughn as a struggling gym owner who, in an effort to save his precious place of business, coerces an underdog dodgeball team to compete in a tournament to win the money.

The lack of skill on his team serves up enough problems, but then enters Ben Stiller as White Goodman, a gym-owning tycoon who wants to see the Average Joe’s Gym team lose at any cost.

The movie was marketed as “a true underdog story,” so I’m sure you can imagine how it ends if you haven’t seen it already. That doesn’t mean the film isn’t worth watching from beginning to end, or even multiple times for that matter. Stiller and Vaughn play off each other so well it’ll leave you crying from the hilarity that ensues.

The subplots of Kate’s sexuality, Justin’s desire to be a cheerleader, Steve the Pirate’s identity crisis and Cotton’s absurd broadcasting add a certain flair to the movie and make it one interesting ride you won’t soon forget.

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