Portage County prepares to distribute COVID-19 vaccine



As COVID-19 vaccines have been getting distributed across the state, Portage county and the city of Kent preparing more ways to get them out as well.

Ohio has just entered into tier 1B of the COVID-19 vaccine which now include those who are 75 years or older. 

The City of Kent Health Departments Micheal Anguilano says the county has been distributing the vaccine for a while now but is waiting for approval to get more.

“By population, that’s just a hair under four and a half percent of the county has now started that. So, sounds like a very small number. But it is a logistical number,” Anguilano said.

Although there aren’t any vaccination clinics in the city of Kent, residents have still been able to travel outside of the city to get it. 

“So, we put in that paperwork and we’re good to go. We’re just waiting on some of the rest of the materials to come in. We just got the vaccine fridge ordered in place,” Anguilano said.

Anguilano  said that when they do receive the supplies, they are planning a way to be flexible on where they distribute the shot. They plan on making the refrigerator mobile and give older people their shots from home. The vaccine will be delivered to housing complexes and places of the same nature. 

 “There are seven in Portage County, Drug Marts, Giant Eagles, the Health District, that’s really it,” Anguilano said.

Marc’s Pharmacy explained that they have been giving out 22 first COVID-19 shots per day.

“The county had a mass vaccine clinic on Saturday to take care of some Phase 1B and they distributed over 300,” Anguilano explained. 

As more vaccines get distributed across the state, Anguilano says he is hopeful for easier access to them by April or May.

Gianna DaPra is a TV2 reporter. Contact her at [email protected].