Zac’s Flick Pick: ‘ ‘Fruitvale Station’



Image © 2013 The Weinstein Company

Zac Younkins

An underrated indie film, “Fruitvale Station” follows the 2009 shooting of civilian Oscar Grant by a BART police officer in Oakland.

Michael B Jordan gives a supremely memorable performance as character who we know is going to be killed, as goes the continuous problem with historical films. Jordan’s likability is what makes the movie. The audience grows to care about Oscar as he lives out his last day of life doing normal every-day things and interacting with friends and strangers. By the time the character met his unjust demise, I felt like a friend had just been killed right in front of me.

The plot unwinds brilliantly and the brutal killing witnessed by hundreds of passengers is a true suspense-filled, edge-of-your-seat, sweaty-palms climax. You know it’s going to happen, but you can’t help but hope he will defy reality and make it.

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