Our view: Slippery Sidewalks

DKS Editors

Summary: The lack of snow removal on campus and in the city is dangerous for students and community members.

Monday morning we all anxiously checked our cellphones hoping for that alert telling us classes were cancelled. Our phones buzzed throughout the early morning, but unfortunately, one for the main campus never came.

We bundled up and stepped outside only to find that the sidewalks both on and off campus were untouched — slippery and full of snow. Stairs weren’t shoveled, sidewalks weren’t salted and we weren’t prepared to trudge to class.

Conditions on and around the campus, put simply, were dangerous. Not only could someone fall on the Esplanade, but city sidewalks, such as those near the intersection of Summit and Lincoln, which is already highly trafficked, also proved hazardous. For students and faculty members who have difficulty getting around, we are sure the conditions seemed much worse.

We can only imagine the number of people who fell, and we are glad none of them turned into serious accidents. However, the opportunity for accidents was present. What if someone slipped and fell, getting a serious injury? Along Summit, what if someone fell into the road?

Some of the issues have since been addressed, but it took all day to do so. We understand the workers responsible for snow removal don’t want to be out in the cold and snow either. But if the university remains open despite snowy conditions, sidewalks should be taken care of. If they aren’t cleared, we shouldn’t have classes.

The dangers posed to students and staff are much worse than the consequences of missing a day of classes. We’re glad to see that the campus is closed today.