Ready, set, time for a change

Melissa Puppo

I am 5-feet tall. I weigh approximately 116 lbs. I don’t have a strict fitness plan, and I don’t necessarily go out of my way every day to watch what I eat. I enjoy my favorite snacks, love cheese (just ask my friends), and crave sweets now and then.  

“Who cares?” you might ask. Well, I do. And I want you all to as well. 

This first issue of KSUbuzz is primarily based on New Year’s resolutions; however, I had this diary idea before I knew of the theme of this paper. Sure, it’s probably because I ate way too many sweets over break with my Italian family — but there’s a bigger picture!

I am on a mission to get fit. Not to drop 20 pounds and live off of water and celery, but I want to do it for myself. I want to prove to myself that with all of the craziness going on in life including school work, having a job, maintaining a social life and trying to get sleep, I can make a habit to work out regularly and start watching what I eat. 

I’m not planning on removing all sweets and cheese pizza, but, rather, eating those in moderation. That’s the key word.

So, here’s my mission: I plan to work out four times a week, try new exercises and routines and eat better, all while growing a love for it along the way.

I will come back each week with updates of what worked, what didn’t, what I want you all to try, tips from the trainers, recipes and hopefully, along the way I’ll INSPIRE you as well.

Keep checking in each week. I will you all of what I can, and I hope you all will be along the way for my transformation. We’ll laugh together, cry together and hopefully become better people together.