Fitness Diary: Week 1

Melissa Puppo

A typical day working out for me last semester went something like this: jog around the track for a mile or use the elliptical for 20 minutes, then do some basic ab workouts after. This week, however, was much, much different.

This week was all about work – hard work.

I started Tuesday with my ab workouts. I did some of the original exercises I knew, and I made sure to use the ab bench with the incline. What came next was even more of a challenge – squats… with the bar! I’ve done them once before, but I attempted it again, and boy, was it bad. My legs were aching for days; not to mention I then ran around the outdoor track, and I was totally too out-of-shape for that. It basically began a week of madness.

The following days included a ton of arm and leg machines, ab workouts, circuit training, as well as another fear of mine – bench pressing. I only used the bar, but let’s just say my chest still hurts.

What I really learned this past week was that it’s OK to conquer my fears and try something new at the gym. I used to hate working out in a crowded gym, so I just did my own thing and minded my own business. This time, I went out of my comfort zone, and I went to the bottom floor, which I feel some girls think is scarier than what it really is.

Most girls, and maybe some guys who don’t regularly lift, are afraid to step over that imaginary line located between the safe lifting machines and the actual free-weights. You all know what area I’m talking about, but don’t be intimidated!

I bench-pressed, I squatted with the bar, I got my sweat on. And once I did it, I was able to accomplish more.

This week has shown me that I am ready to start making this a daily habit, and I’m dedicated.

My tip for this week is to find a gym buddy. I am lucky enough to have a few girls in my residence hall who are willing to go with me. My boyfriend also gets me to try new exercises.

Get a group, make it happen, and don’t be afraid to try something new!