Letter to the editor: Lieutenant Jim Prusha

Lt. Jim Prusha

I am Lt. Jim Prusha from Kent Police Department, and I would like to share some recommendations for people planning to attend Halloween festivities Saturday. These recommendations are intended to prevent crime, promote safety and keep you out of trouble with the police. Some of these tips seem to be common sense, but they address real problems experienced in past Halloween celebrations.

1. Cross streets at crosswalks. Look before entering the roadway. We experience too many pedestrian accidents.

2. Lock your cars and keep valuables out of sight.

3. Keep your valuables with you. Don’t leave purses, cellphones, keys, etc. unattended.

4. Use the buddy system. Watch out for each other.

5. Don’t drink too much. Almost all people arrested are intoxicated, and many people victimized are also intoxicated.

6. Plan ahead. How are you going to get home?

7. Lock your house even if you are home.

8. Only allow people on your property if you know them and will be accountable for their actions.

9. Obey the law. Open Container, Jaywalking, Unlawful Noise, and all other laws will be in full effect.

10. Carefully consider your costume for the evening with the following in mind:

  • Don’t restrict your vision or freedom of movement as large crowds and pedestrian-vehicular traffic will be present.
  • Foul weather and lack of heated areas should be considered.
  • Don’t wear costumes that might incite violence or adverse reactions from others.
  • Do not bring pets or other animals.
  • Do not bring weapons, sharp objects or any instrument that might cause injury or induce panic.

Many of the troublemakers from past Halloween celebrations have been from out of town. Don’t allow them to get you in trouble.

Lt. Jim Prusha, Kent Police Department