Our View: Sex Week might be more silly than serious

DKS Editors

If you find an unusual number of strangers handing out condoms this week, know that there is (probably) an innocent reason for it.

Monday marked the beginning of Kent State’s annual “Sex Week” hosted by Kent Interhall Council. It’s promoted as five days of sex education aimed at students living on-campus.

But looking at the schedule for the week raises the question of how seriously students take this festival — and how seriously it takes itself. With events such as “Sexy Beach Party,” “I ? Female Orgasm” and a drag show, the educational value seems in danger of getting lost in the party atmosphere.

One obvious argument against this concern is that the fun names and “scandalous” events are a lure to bring students in for what is actually a series of informative speakers. Sex Week sponsors its share of positive, educational events, including a fundraiser for HIV/AIDS research in Africa and a presentation on preventing sexual violence.

However, are these presentations the draw? Not to say that you can’t have an event that is both fun and educational, but do the parties where students collect grab bags filled with lube and candy overshadow the truly educational presentations?

As the adage goes: “Sex sells.” We don’t expect KIC to sponsor a sex education event and not work that angle, but how much are students actually learning? With cuts to organizations such as Planned Parenthood, students are running out of places to find serious advice regarding their sexual health.

Sex Week presents Kent State students with a unique opportunity to discuss serious sexual issues and make this week an invaluable educational tool, but we wonder if the hype masks the real value.

The above editorial is the consensus opinion of the Daily Kent Stater editorial board.