Dustin Kilgore: National Champion

Kent State athletics made a name for itself at the turn of the 21st century.

In 2002 the Kent State men’s basketball team made it to the elite eight in the NCAA tournament, and have since won seven division titles..

The men’s and women’s golf teams, along with KSU gymnastics each ranked nationally.

And just this last year, Kent State baseball made it to the college world series, while the football team played in their first bowl game since 1972.

All of this recent success, however, maybe outshined by a single student athlete’s preformance…and his name is one that most Kent State students don’t even know.

His name, Dustin Kilgore. His sport, Wrestling.

In 2011, Kilgore achieved something no Kent State athlete ever has…a National Championship.

In one hundred years of Kent State athletic’s history, Dustin Kilgore is the sole athlete to truly win a national championship. Dustin’s journey to the top of the podium, told through his coach, his father, and Dustin himself, in their own words.


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