Our View: As we go on….

DKS Editors

In just three short weeks, some of us will walk across a stage in the M.A.C. Center, receive our diplomas and say goodbye to Kent State for good — sorry for the blunt assertion, but we’re feeling sentimental. Some will continue their academic careers at graduate school, while others will take on the responsibilities of “big people” jobs for the first time in their lives. And then there are those still trying to figure it out — which, for the record, is perfectly OK, at least until the student loan bills start coming in. But what almost everyone graduating this May has in common is that this may be the last time we can truly call ourselves Golden Flashes (even if we still don’t know exactly what those are).

But the real point of this column isn’t to make everyone sad about graduating. It’s to tell you to appreciate the time you have here while there’s still time to enjoy it. You may never get the chance again to go out on a Thursday night because you have no obligations on Friday morning, or order Hungry Howie’s at 2 a.m. just because you can.

It’s the little things that make Kent State unique that you should really take advantage of before graduation. Visit the May 4 Memorial and attend the anniversary event if you never have before. Paint the rock on Front Campus with your friends or take some cell phone pictures of black squirrels on your iPhone. Find an underclassman with a meal plan to take you to Rosie’s and buy the greasiest item on the menu. Go out to eat at the restaurants downtown, both new and old, and try a fishbowl drink at Water Street or an Incredible Hulk at The Loft (only if you’re 21, of course). But most importantly, don’t forget to spend as much time as you can with the friends you’ve made at Kent.

For those of you not graduating, don’t forget to take advantage of every moment you have at Kent State, and realize that good or bad, every experience you have will define what you remember as your college experience.

The above editorial is the consensus opinion of the Daily Kent Stater editorial board.