Our View: Don’t forget to vote

DKS Editors

It feels like just yesterday that we were inundated with last year’s Undergraduate Student Government candidates, and here we are again with the same posters and Facebook pages (although with considerably less bowties). If you haven’t considered voting for USG yet today, now is the time to figure out who you want representing you, before it’s too late. But do you know what you’re really voting for?

USG has always represented the student body in the university community, but just last month they voted for a resolution for student trustees to be properly represented at state university board of trustees meetings. The resolution proposes a resolution in the Ohio Revised Code to not only give voting power to student members in the board of trustees meetings, but also to let students attend executive sessions on the boards on which they serve.

USG is also in charge of doling out allocations to the various student organizations on campus. If you are part of a registered organization at Kent State, and you’ve received money for a conference or program, that money came from the USG Allocations Committee. The USG judicial advocates will also assist you if you’re going to a student conduct hearing

Of course, the main decisions USG seems to be known for are programming. Every year at least some students complain about the acts at FlashFest or the main comedian of the year. Realize that you voted — or chose not to vote — for the candidates who make those decisions. Every year they attempt to figure out what Kent State students want to see, and if you don’t make your voice heard, you don’t have a right to complain.

The fanfare of USG elections seems to come and go so quickly, and then the newly-elected senators and directors run off to represent Kent State’s student body. Before you vote, make sure you know what you’re putting in their hands.

The above editorial is the consensus opinion of the Daily Kent Stater editorial board.