GUEST OPINION: Check your absentee ballot

Debbie Barber President of the Kent League of Women Voters

Some voters are sharing concerns that they have voted early but worry that there might be something wrong with their ballot and it won’t be counted. Here is how to check that your early ballot will be counted:

If you have voted early by mail-in ballot or by dropping off your ballot in the drop box, you can be certain that your ballot is received and will be counted by following these steps:

1.      Go to the Portage County BOE web site –

2.     Select “Absentee Voting.”

3.     Choose “Check My Absentee Ballot Status.”

4.     Type in your name and submit.

5.     The results should show the date your ballot was approved for counting and that it is being included in the election results.

If you do not find these results, you should contact the Board of Elections immediately in order to correct any errors in your ballot so it will be included in the count on election day.

The Portage County Board of Elections is very helpful if you have any questions.  Please contact them if you have any doubts about your ballot, 330-297-3511.

Debbie Barber, President

Kent League of Women Voters


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