Election 2012: Live coverage from Portage County

Voters wait in line to recieve their ballots at the Student Recreation and Wellness Center on November 6 2012. Photo by Melanie Nesteruk.

DKS/TV2 Reporters

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Election 2012 | Portage County

DKS and TV2 reporters covered events and polling around Portage County on election day.

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Voting lines in Stark County are getting longer and longer by the minute. Don’t wait! Just get out and vote! #KWvoteErika Kerr
Make sure you get out there and vote today! And be sure to follow #KWvote for all things Election Day in Kent.Amy Cooknick
#kwvote man wearing “ask me about portage county tea party” vest standing outside of ward 1 polling location.Justine Stump
With kids off school today some make voting a family affair #kwvoteJustine Stump
Having problems at the polls today? See anything interesting at your poll center? Voting for the first time? Tweet about it with #KWvote !Amy Cooknick
A Tea Party member is handing out a list of 2012 endorsed candidates outside of polling place 3A, Kent Pres Church #KWVoteAngela Pino
The wait line is only 4 people at Kent polling place 3A. #KWVoteAngela Pino
A taxi just pulled in to Kent polling place 3A, Kent Presbyterian Church, dropping people off to vote. #KWVoteAngela Pino
#kwvote First Christian Church polling location is starting to get busy as voters trickle in. http://twitpic.com/baveh4Justine Stump
Some people are walking to their polling locations on this sunny day #kwvoteJustine Stump
A campaigner for Kathleen Clyde declined answering questions about her candidate for the media. #KWVoteAngela Pino
Parking is free today at Kent polling place 4A and 5C, the rec. #KWVote http://twitter.com/angelampino/status/265850511276777472/photo/1Angela Pino
#kwvote “Whoever is elected, God will still reign” sign at polling location B1 http://twitpic.com/bavirwJustine Stump
A Tea Party and Kathleen Clyde campaigner are both outside of Kent Polling Place 4B, The Church of the Nazarene. #KWVoteAngela Pino
There has been a steady line for voting at the rec. The longest wait has been 10 minutes according to poll volunteers. #KWVoteAngela Pino
The age range of people at 4B is a mix of college students and the elderly. #KWVoteAngela Pino
There isn’t a line at Kent Polling Place 4B which is also polling place E for Franklin Township. #KWVoteAngela Pino
There is not a line at Kent Polling Place 3B, Trinity Lutheran Church. #KWVoteAngela Pino
While most people have driven to Kent Polling Place 3B, some have taken advantage of the pretty day and walked to Trinity Lutheran #KWVoteAngela Pino
There are several college students at Kent Polling Place 3B. #KWVoteAngela Pino
The Portage County Board of Elections is only hosting provisional voting today. Be sure to vote at your designated polling location!#KWvoteAlyssa DeGeorge
Workers at the Portage County Board of Elections help voters complete paperwork to cast provisional ballots. #KWvote http://pic.twitter.com/XjxrHunzAlyssa DeGeorge
If you’re looking to vote at 360 E. Summit (Ward 5, precinct B), now is the time. Hardly another voter in sight. #KWVoteJohn Milligan
http://yfrog.com/kgft8nij B5 voters! If you’re confused, head to Kentway Apartments (across from the old Dubois Bookstore) #KWVoteJohn Milligan
At Kent State’s Stark Campus talking to students about the election. Follow along #KWvoteWalter Doerschuk
Mixed right now from who I’ve talked to in terms of who is voting for who. One person voted for Virgil Goode of Constitution Party. #KWvoteWalter Doerschuk
Another voted for Obama because he is the “lesser of two evils.” But he generally agrees with Obama’s stances #KWvoteWalter Doerschuk
One person voting for Obama doesn’t like Romney’s plan to open the Keystone Pipeline. He said it would “ruin our country.” #KWvoteWalter Doerschuk
Only one student I’ve talked to right now said she voted for Romney. She said she she voted straight republican #KWvoteWalter Doerschuk
Hundreds of small American flags are lined across parking lot at edge of Stark Campus and Stark State College for Election Day #KWvoteWalter Doerschuk
School levies are local issues some students have talked about here at Stark Campus #KWvoteWalter Doerschuk
Some have voted for levies for Louisville City and Coventry Local districts. #KWvoteWalter Doerschuk
Ohio Board of Elections office says voting is “going smoothly and there have been no major problems” #KWVOTE #election2012Maura Zurick
Will be back later with more student reaction to election day #KWvoteWalter Doerschuk
Polling volunter at kent high school swaid they have had a good steady turn out today #kwvoteJustine Stump